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Danielle Louise Sullivan

I’m so proud of Evie and Lyla and how far they have come since starting infant swim survival, the best thing I have ever done for the girls was booking them onto this. It is all thanks to Emma and her dedication and patience


Lauren Waterworth

From the minute I had Isla Rose I knew I wanted her to learn the skills for infant survival. Having had so many recommendations and hearing peoples testimonials about Emma and her techniques I knew I had to enrol Isla. She absolutely is loving her lessons and boasts about how good Emma is with her.


Jordon Leigh

I had always wanted my children to be taught the self-reliant techniques after watching an american documentary once. When I found Emma on Facebook and that she was going to America to bring these techniques back, I enrolled my daughter to take part in her first UK group. From the moment I met Emma I knew I had made the right decision, I never once doubted her because I could feel that she wanted this skill for Paiten just as much as I did. I will never look back and my son is now registered to do his course too. It is the most valuable thing you can give a child. I should know as I'm not a strong swimmer at all!

beca boys.jpg

Beca Jones

Emma has taught both my sons infant swim survival and I must tell at least one person every day it really is the best thing I have ever done for my boys. Bobby trained at the age of 3 and is now 7. Georgie was 18 months and is now 3. Emma has developed such a special relationship with my boys, they love and respect her and have learned so much from the survival skills. They are now becoming strong swimmers. I cannot thank Emma enough for what she has taught my boys and I will always be one of the biggest cheerleaders for both Doit4Loui and Infant Swim Survival.

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