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Infant Swim Survival Founder/Instructor

Emma is our founder. After the tragic loss of her son Loui (pictured) due to drowning, she knew she had to do something. She intensely researched and found that the UK was so far behind in water safety compared to other countries that something had to be done and she was going to do it.
Emma, along with her family and close friends raised the funds to enable her to go to America to learn how to teach children to be self reliant in water. From there, she was one of the FIRST EVER instructors to bring the technique over to England.  Infant Swim Survival  is now one of the leading swimming schools in the local area of Hindley, Wigan.  

Emma is the main face behind Infant Swim Survival and when shes not in the pool teaching children to be self reliant, she will be being a mum to her daughter Darcy, wife to her husband Gav and replying to emails etc for Infant Swim Survival.

Emma treats every child as if they are her own and there's no denying her passion and commitment to ensuring children's safety in and around the water.  As Emma would say 
'It is her calling from God'  and she serves it, no end. 



Infant Swim Survival Instructor

Paula was the first instructor, after Emma, to go and complete the instructor course in America. This was a huge step for Emma, bringing someone else in but when she met Paula she just knew she was perfect for it! Paula showed huge commitment to Infant Swim Survival after her own sons Theo (pictured) and Ted had completed the program with Emma.

Paula is such a strong character and a brilliant instructor who is just as passionate about water safety as Emma.  

Unfortunately, a short while into Paula's Infant Swim Survival journey, her beautiful son Theo passed away due to meningitis.  Theo was a special character to all who had the privilege of meeting him and he had a special bond with Emma (our founder).  Emma would love to pay tribute to 'the special little man who was like my own..'



Emma's Special friend and Fireman Sam's #1 Fan

A special little boy who's loved and missed beyond measure..


After losing Loui to the water, I knew I had a job to do and I knew I had to put my emotions to one side. Until I met Theo  when he had come along with his little brother Ted to both take part in my program.  I don't exactly know what it was, maybe his cheeky but charming character, I just knew that there was something special about him and I formed a bond with him as if he was my own. 

I will never forget, I had gone to America to meet up with Paula and her family (whilst she was training to be an instructor) and whilst I was there, Theo would not leave my side. He slept in bed at the side of me, every night. It would get to a point where he would say 'Emma are you coming to bed now?' and oh how could I have said no to that beautiful face?

Theo really was special and I will always be grateful for the short time he was in my life. I know he is with my Loui and they are having fun together waiting for us.

Love you Theo x

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