Welcome and thank you for choosing to consider Infant Swim Survival lessons.First of all, NEVER consider a child “Water Safe” or “Drown Proofed”. All children should be carefully supervised when in or around water, no matter how much training they have received,no child is ever down proof.Please read everything carefully and if you have any questions please get in touch.If your child is currently in any form of swim lesson this must stop during Infant Swim Survival lessons.

As the first several weeks of lessons are critical in establishing the skills set,

I must ask that you keep your child out of the water apart from these lessons during this time period.

I will ask parents into the water when i feel it's necessary, parents will learn how to correctly interact with their child so that the skills are not broken down, but until this time please do not attempt any of these prompts until after your ‘parent lessons’ as incorrect use of prompts can interfere with your child’s progress.

Thank you again for considering Infant Swim Survival lessons.  I look forward to working with you and your child.

   Emma Aspinall

(Infant Swim Survival Founder)